Our Blue Cruise

A full immersion into the blue means leaving oneself to the purity of nature, in the secluded bays, willfully leaving behind the outside reality and transitioning into the here and now of the sea, the breeze, the sun. This particular vacation style encompasses all, from relaxing and lounging to the back drop of fiery sunsets to hiking, sailing and water sports adventures, to cultural tours wrapped in history on the pathways of the ancients, all while breathing the salty air.

Our tours are entirely tailor-made for your group. Depending on what you desire, our itineraries may feature sites with spectacular remains of Ancient Greece, Lycia and the Byzantium and/or more remote spots in stunning, unspoilt natural bays and coves. Our guests often tell us that this is the best way to visit the classical sites, the shared experience of great food, fresh air, visual delights and living history. You do not, of course, need to be a history aficionado to enjoy the sail. The emphasis is always on your relaxation and leisure to give you a holiday of a lifetime. There are many opportunities to unwind: sleep under a blanket of stars, wake up to the sunrise on a secluded bay, take a dip in the crystal clear waters, enjoy fresh local delicacies, spend the day under the sails, toast a drink to the setting sun.

During your entire stay in our gulet, you will find fully customized services and offerings. Prepared at every step solely for your comfort and leisure, the program and the menu can be changed every day following the direction of your wishes and desires. The cook, the deck hand, service and cleaning personnel are all here to serve you. All the equipment on board, paddleboards, canoes, water skies, wake boards, water toys, and sail gear are all stacked and offered for your usage. Even though beginning and finishing points of the itineraries are marked, weather permitting, there is absolutely obligation to stop at any port or bay you do not wish to visit. Bays and ports on the route are picked in accordance with your wishes and needs and can be changed to bring you your dream vacation. Food on board is superb. Meals are typically Mediterranean, prepared with care and expertise by a dedicated cook using only the freshest, local produce. Breakfast is Turkish style with eggs, cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, yoghurt, honey, and different selection of pastry items as well as fresh fruit juice. Lunch is often a vegetable based dish with salads and seasonal fruit. At dinner, cold and hot starters accompany grilled meat, chicken or fish. We provide soft drinks and fruit juices; will gladly serve alcoholic beverages. As with everything else, menu can be fully modified to your preferences, habits and dietary restrictions. Fresh greens, vegetables, fruits, and fish are never stacked and arrive several times a week for freshness.

A typical day might begin with morning swim or yoga followed by breakfast, a sail of two or three hours to another bay for another swim break. Following lunch, we often do a site visit in the afternoon or leave time to relax or take advantage of the water sports gear available on board. For overnight, we pick another secluded cove, where we arrive just in time to catch the sunset and have evening drinks, followed by dinner. Some coves will be perfectly quiet and private, and some others will have small, family run restaurants on shore. The captain is more than happy to make suggestions and reservations should the guest choose to go ashore for dinner.

Regularly monitored by the Turkish and Greek coastguards, our boat, Levent Kaptan operates to high standards. With 28 years of experience sailing the waters off the coasts of eastern Mediterranean, I, Captain Metin, take your safety as of paramount importance. Our boat can accommodate up to 10 guests (11 if there is a small child), in comfortable twin or double cabins, and one master cabin each with its own bathroom. The atmosphere is pleasantly informal. There is plenty of room for relaxation in the living room or on the decks, front and back. Sailing season goes from early May to late October in southern Aegean/eastern Mediterranean and is characterized by warm to hot days and cool nights with 120 days of sunshine, however, in case of wet weather, rain and wind, the living room is fully protected and large enough to accommodate all our guests.

Blue Cruise is the name given to custom cruising on classically styled boats, named ‘gulet’s. In the 1970, cruises were done in 8-10 meter boats, and nowadays, 20-40 meter, fully equipped luxury yachts. Southern Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean coastal waters are best suited for this particular type of yacht charter. The name Blue Cruise denotes getting lost somewhere between the sea and the sky through a full immersion into the spectacular shades of blue that the Aegean/Mediterranean has to offer

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